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What is Intro-STARSkate?

Intro-STARSkate is our advanced CanSkate program for skaters who are geared towards entering into figure skating and the  STARSkate program. Skaters continue to work on their CanSkate badges while focusing more on the figure skating fundamentals. This group of skaters will skate group with CanSkate one day a week and on their own with STARSkate one day a week which aids in their motivation of skill development.


The STARSkate session will include a 15 minute group session (coached), private / semi-private lesson time (coached) and practice time (not coached).

Please note: Lessons during the STARSkate session are not included with registration, please see below for more information on private/semi lessons.

Who teaches the program?

The Intro-STARSkate program is taught by Skate Canada Professional Coaches. During the CanSkate session Coaches are assisted by trained Program Assistants (PA’s). For the STARSkate portion you will need to contact a Club coach to arrange private lessons.

How do I get Private lessons?

You must contact the coach directly to arrange lessons. Private lessons are billed directly from the coach to the skater and are offered in 10 or 15 minute blocks. Rates for lessons vary with coaches’ levels and coaching experience. Lesson formats can be Private - only 1 skater or Semi-Private with 2 - 6 skaters. At this level it is recommended to do Semi-Private lessons if possible. This option not only keeps lessons more affordable but also makes them more enjoyable as young skaters usually are more content in a group. If this is the option you would like, when you contact a coach request to be put in Semi-Private.

Skaters must have a coach and take a minimum of 2 either, private or semi-private lessons during their STARSkate ice time.


Click HERE for a list of Coaches

What should my skater wear?

As Intro-STARSkate is the last step before Figure Skating it is recommended that the proper skates and attire be a part of this transition stage. To be set up for success it is important that the equipment and clothing is appropriate for the activity that you are doing.

Figure Skates – There are a wide selection of skates on the retail market today. Stores like Canadian Tire and Home Hardware do not stock the skates that are needed for the skills your child will advance towards in the Intro-STARSkate Program. It is highly recommended that you take your skater to Professional Skate Service (United Cycle or Pro-Skate) in Edmonton to be properly fitted. Good beginner figure skates range from approximately $100-$200. Skates should be sharpened when first purchased and then after approximately 20 hours of ice time. If the blade feels flat or rounded when you rub across it crosswise, or your skater is falling more than usual, especially when doing circles or stopping, a sharpening is likely required. Walking on the Agrena floors dulls your skates quickly. Skate guards are a low cost investment that will protect your blades! Skate guards will be needed at the year end Carnival.

Clothing - Layers – Please dress in layers that are easy to remove as the skater warms-up. A long sleeve shirt, a fleece or 2 and perhaps a light vest on top. Please no winter ski jackets. They are too bulky and hard to move in. On the bottom; girls footed leotards/tights is good for the base layer. Then you don’t need to worry about socks falling down or bunching up. Then a pair of leggings or tight bottomed yoga pants or fleece pants should do the trick. Of course if you have a cute skort or a skating dress or skirt with a panty attached then that of course would be the outfit of choice. Gloves or mitts; hands complete the skating line and it is important for them to stay warm. The magic mini kind are great or a mitten like the ever recognizable Red Canada Olympic mittens are a good addition.

A non expired CSA approved hockey helmet is mandatory during all sessions until a skater has successfully passed the complete Stage 5 CanSkate badge.

How long does it take to complete the Intro-STARSkate program?

Every skater is different and all skaters progress at different rates. It often depends on the age of the skater, and readiness to participate in the program.

What’s after Intro-STARSkate?

Once the skater has completed the Stage 6 CanSkate badge they are ready to move fully into the STARSkate program.

Tips for success:

Ensure your skater is dressed in warm layers and that your skates are of a good quality as poor equipment can impede success. Consider semi-private lessons during your STARSkate session, as young skaters seem to thrive in a group setting. Use your ice time well, Practice! Practice! Practice! Come to the ice prepared to be on for the whole session and keep a bottle of water on the boards. Remind your skater that you will be sitting in the Agrena seating to cheer them on!!

Questions or concerns with the STARSkate portion of your program should be directed to the coach you have retained for private lessons.

Dressing Rooms


Please use dressing rooms and not the arena lobby 

Thursday CanSkate – Dressing Room 1

On your first CanSkate day please arrive at the Agrena about 30 minutes prior to your child’s session time and check in at the ‘Welcome Table’.

Someone will then check your skaters’ helmet for expiry and proper fit. You will be given your skater’s name tag and directed to your dressing room.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday STARSkate – Dressing Room 2

Wednesday IntroSTARSkate-Dressing Room 2
Arrive at the Agrena early and take your skating gear to your dressing room.

Be ready - hair tied up/or helmet on, gloves, water bottle and proper clothes NO JEANS! Be in the Home Box a few minutes before your on ice time.
DO NOT step on to the ice until directed to by a coach.


Please do not use dressing room 2 on your CanSkate days,

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